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Immediate Needs

We are trying solve the emergency medical needs of poor and kids .

Helping Hand

Donate for a need it will create happiness in someone's life

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Nothing greater than giving back to the society.

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Welcome to Kind Heart Organization, the organization is based in Kisumu-Kenya, with operations in Kisumu,Siaya and Homabay Counties. The Foundation’s purpose is to promote access to education, affordable healthcare, humanitarian charity and social economic empowerment of the poor and vulnerable communities. The foundation’s mission is guided by its core values and strong believe that charity alone is not enough. We value charity that delivers measurable sustainable change to project participants leaving them with broad lasting smiles
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Poverty Reduction

This Program is to reduce poverty and improve overal livelihood of the poor.

Oprhan Feeding & Education

We Educate and Feed Orphans and Children from Improverished Family backgrounds among the Pural Poor in Kenya

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Medical Program

This program focuses on HIV AIDS awareness & Prevention sensitization in Kenyan slums. We also tackle jigger infestation manace in rural Kenya...

Shelter Program

We build decent shelters for the poor and the elderly in rural areas. For majority of the world poor, decent shelter remains a luxury hence helping their overall livelihoods.

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Citizen Empowerment Program

Generally, the poor have very little capacity to access/exploit different resources, and also to work in formal employment..

Our Vision

To be the champion of uplifting the downtrodden, vulnerable, disadvantaged & deprived people in the society and to bring them back to mainstream by breaking all barriers towards improvement of their quality life.

Mission Statement

We provide social economic empowerment to women and elderly persons including their wellbeing.



Kind Heart Organization is committed to improve the lives of less fortunate and challenged children in Western Part of kenya. Our activities are managed by a team of volunteers with an end goal of minimizing the administrative expenses and dedicating all the resources towards the children’s needs. Kind Heart volunteers in Kenya identify the projects and our team; volunteers raise funds to support these projects. Kind Heart Organization is a Non –profit organization registered in Kenya. We at "Kind Heart" welcome individuals and organizations to join hands with us to support these causes. All of us have great intentions to help others. Sometimes we have reservations about our own abilities and hesitate to take up the responsibility for bringing the change. However, we all have witnessed that most extraordinary things were started by ordinary people. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are willing to contribute or have questions. Our email- This is also our PayPal. You can also follow our activities at the facebook page below: .

Core Values


Culture of Inclusivity

Self-reliance & Responsibily

Self determination

Integrity & Honesty


Optimal solutions

Community Living Learning Lab (CL3) Project

The Community Living Learning (CL3) Project aimed to improve access to essential health information within the Manyatta slum communities in Kisumu County, Kenya. Its primary goal was to provide residents with critical health knowledge to prevent disease outbreaks, lower disease rates, and address factors that contribute to poor health in slum areas..

Promoting Primary Health awareness and hygiene practices in Manyatta slums

It proposed to promote primary health awareness and hygiene practices among the slum residents. This initiative likely included education on basic health principles, such as handwashing, sanitation, and disease prevention, to reduce the spread of infections and improve overall community health in the slums..

Marking the International Day of Education on 24. January 2023.

The climax of marking international education day was marked in manyatta slum after build up activities in nyalenda and obunga slums in attendance were pupils , parents ,teachers county government officials , members of county assembly , ward administrators, kind heart organisation officials . This day was marked on 24th January 2023 courtesy of TERRA TECH Förderprojekte e.V. #InternationalDayofEducation.



Team Members
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Mark Soro


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Ezekiel Osoro


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Edmon Ochola

Board Member

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Reuben Sawo

Board Member

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Caleb Odhiambo Mbori